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wxiaoguang db3355cb1a [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 6 hours ago
wxiaoguang 26ec628624 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 day ago
wxiaoguang 76910f213f
Enable spellcheck for EasyMDE, use contenteditable mode (#19776) 2 days ago
Gusted cdd6371ad4 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 2 days ago
Gusted 91b21473a6
Add username check to doctor (#20140) 2 days ago
Gusted d55a0b7238
Refactor `i18n` to `locale` (#20153) 2 days ago
Gusted b551bc2a08
Remove support for sr-SP (#20155) 2 days ago
Lunny Xiao 85d960d2a1
Hide notify mail setting ui if not enabled (#20138) 3 days ago
Jorge Ou 81eda36285
Fix custom folder name in customization docs (#20148) 3 days ago
Gusted 9eb6c4a0df
Add missing parameter for error in log message (#20144) 3 days ago
Gusted 5371964a4e
Show scrollbar when necessary (#20142) 3 days ago
Gusted 1f7c717b59
Add spacing between the properties of the key (#20145) 3 days ago
Gusted 0048595811
Remove U2F support (#20141) 3 days ago
Gusted 5d3f99c7c6
Make better use of i18n (#20096) 4 days ago
Gusted 711cbcce8d
Use neutral language in comments and docs (#20135) 4 days ago
Gusted a8cdea013d
Fix remove file on initial comment (#20127) 4 days ago
zeripath 2111741a48
Add doctor command to write commit-graphs (#20007) 4 days ago
Daniil Gentili 95383b7a16
Add sitemap support (#18407) 5 days ago
Kyle D 97bfabc745
Use new config options (#20125) 5 days ago
Kyle D 8a3cd58463
Remove depricated queue indexer usage (#20124) 5 days ago
John Olheiser 02eb4b143b
Disable status checks in template if none found (#20088) 6 days ago
Petr Vaněk d789d3646c
Fix typos related to ErrTaskDoesNotExist error (#20118) 6 days ago
silverwind 48ef12b27c
Move eslintrc/stylelintrc to non-deprecated extensions (#20110) 6 days ago
zeripath 4909493a9f
Allow manager logging to set SQL (#20064) 6 days ago
Robert Lützner afea63f4e5
Replace pubkey with privkey in keys_ssh.tmpl (#20112) 6 days ago
Lunny Xiao 8575050eba
Update security information to add a public gpg key to make sending encrypted message possible (#20117) 6 days ago
wxiaoguang 55a22d1136
Improve log document (#20097) 6 days ago
Lunny Xiao d0507efb6a
Fix wrong login requirement routers (#20101) 7 days ago
Jimmy Praet b8cfd4605f
Respect setting.UI.FeedPagingNum (#20094) 7 days ago
Lunny Xiao 3ba09103a4 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
Lunny Xiao fd97c4e0ae
Use correct variable for issue count (#20085) 1 week ago
Sandro e9aa698cf0
Fix alias traversal (#20076) 1 week ago
Jordan Cech 031f5f7b7c
Update permissions.en-us.md (#20075) 1 week ago
6543 ae27050295
Changelog for 1.16.9 (#20059) (#20063) 1 week ago
6543 f6db650e9d
Release page show all tags in compare dropdown (#20070) 1 week ago
s-hamann 7e733ee904
docs: Mention file extension for issue_template directory (#20057) 1 week ago
SteveTheEngineer e67e685ed8 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
SteveTheEngineer 1e2c2edab6
Catch the error before the response is processed by goth. (#20000) 1 week ago
Lunny Xiao 0649c54275
Adjust transaction handling via db.Context (#20031) 1 week ago
Wim cb50375e2b
Add more linters to improve code readability (#19989) 1 week ago
Gusted 3289abcefc [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
Gusted 02d745827b
Disable federation by default (#20045) 1 week ago
Wim e91229eefb
Respond with a 401 on git push when password isn't changed yet (#20026) 1 week ago
Wim 62104b4896
Alter hook_task TEXT fields to LONGTEXT (#20038) 1 week ago
zeripath 62cb3c8c85
Simplify and fix migration 216 (#20035) 2 weeks ago
wxiaoguang 05a74e6e22
use quoted regexp instead of git fixed-value (#20029) 2 weeks ago
a1012112796 cc42c6488a
fix delete pull head ref for DeleteIssue (#20032) 2 weeks ago
Anthony Wang e86f18a05a
User keypairs and HTTP signatures for ActivityPub federation using go-ap (#19133) 2 weeks ago
Gusted 909fb6ad20
Backtick table name in generic orphan check (#20019) 2 weeks ago
wxiaoguang e4ceaf65fb
Update document to clarify that ALLOWED_DOMAINS/BLOCKED_DOMAINS support wildcard (#20016) 2 weeks ago